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Sunset at 35,000 feet, a happy sleepy boy flying home after a good vacation. Life is good.

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ctobin 1325953493
WHA. Incredible capture buddy. A framer for sure.
mtoddj 1326032298
@ctobin thanks brother, I was just happy all he needed was an Ipad a snack and a nap.
mdek 1326407045
#mdekfave please!!!!
mtoddj 1326410314
@mdek I am very honored, that's a huge compliment. But I'm probably a bit thick, do I need to hashtag this, I'm not sure how the hashtag thing works. Regardless thank you so much.        And many more smiles I can't count.
mtoddj 1326639740
katecolumbia 1327596993
this is gorgeous!!!
mtoddj 1327615383
@kc_nycitygirl Thank you. I've been a big fan of your photos since I joined instagram in June. Love your take on the city.
katecolumbia 1327615996
thank you!! I love your photos! looking forward to following :)
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