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dylanwitkin 1374198242
@trentmcclung @jayweezybarracuda @iirwinstagramm It's rubber spray.
master_fuckface 1374199651
Makes a longer lasting shoe?
dylanwitkin 1374200033
@jayweezybarracuda Hopefully with canvas.
nardelli_mark 1374245508
Nice Dyl. Yo coming out for the show this week, lets kick it.
dylanwitkin 1374251728
@mark_nardelli Might be there. I'll let you know if I go.
nardelli_mark 1374342078
Cool. I might be down lake forest way to visit Focus - Ill hit you up
nardelli_mark 1374514077
Going to be down your way today, you want to get lunch?
ninatothenines 1375908207
@regalkillz let's.
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