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Gabe Clement

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These guys traveled Europe together in 05 for the DVS Skate More tour. Here we are meeting in the streets of CPH 8 years later. Always good to see you guys! @colinmkennedy @ma_tchew #cphpro #cphpro2013 #skatemore

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Gabe Clement
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porkchopexpress 1374161563
broken_homme 1374162195
That guy @ma_tchew #favoritefrenchie
jerrybreig 1374162306
@beergut74 I know all those dudes!!! Whew, I thought I was out if the loop these days! 😏
brianjone1 1374162726
@beergut74 what's the deal tonight, I'm stuck at my room with no clue where anyone is.
almostskateboards 1374162743
Amazing crew right here!!!
fritak 1374173937
Miss these mugs.
beergut74 1374189320
Just looked at this post @brianjone1 was watching dudes jump thru fire. Sorry!
colinmkennedy 1374706265
@beergut74 @ma_tchew it's always a good time at @cphpro especially when you get to hang with old friends. #skatemore #goodolddays #cphpro2013
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