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Paul Rodriguez

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These guys are pooped from a long skate session... @nickfucker @toreypudwill1 @jeremerogers

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Paul Rodriguez
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ledzepictwist 1374245689
@brodlatino_07 you're a bitch. Now quit being bitchy and let him do what he wants.
flyboycake 1374247634
Prod makes Plan B hot he has a right to do what ever he fuckin wants . end of story!
yungb_rod7 1374254116
And who asked you hoe, but no, yo ass thinks hes protectin p rod or something @kelendoski
_adriansalas 1374255605
@carloz33 @woodpushinmexican this is what we looked like "skating" at fry's😂
ledzepictwist 1374273878
@brodlatino_07 not really he has no clue who I am and neither does anyone else here but you're just being an asshole to everyone :p
yungb_rod7 1374277544
Ohhh, sorry 4 being such a dick@kelendoski
missesheatherrenee 1374325738
tvvinbrother 1378263806
Jcassinova lol #herb
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