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Nyjah Huston

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I'm nominated for the Espy best action sport athlete award and today is the last day to vote. I would love it if you guys logged onto ESPYs.com and voted for me!! Thanks everyone😊

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Nyjah Huston
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crazeecorbin 1374112109
chadmgreen 1374119993
how about some product after all no fans no career. we support you pros hand over foot but yet no give back to the people that allow you to live your dream
jesperjohannesson 1374238323
ryno1026 1374257710
@chadmg86 @m4nnion it's called hard work fellas. You think nyjah went around asking for handouts like you guys? Doubt it
yourischuling 1374262795
@nyjah_huston I'd be grateful if u could tell me how I can best order your dc pro model shoes in Switzerland. That'd be rad👍
alilevinedesign 1374367360
@nyjah_huston - it was nice meeting you briefly at the #espys! Xox #stylistlove
chadmgreen 1374381360
@ryno1026 mind your business. and dont put words in my mouth i never said nyjah doesnt work hard didnt work hard nor did i ask for a handout.
basselatassi 1375197940
Dude Nyjah your my biggest idol and always will be since was 8 I'm going to street league LA with my friend hope to see you there.Nyjah wins everything because he puts hard work and focus into his trick.did you see that hardflip over the hubba that was soo sick .I will be at the finals with a nyjah street league board with Etnies stickers on it please can u sighn it I am your biggest fan @nyjah_huston
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