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Gabe Clement

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Bout to put another stamp in the book, this time w @clemjenn here we come @cphpro #cphpro @matixclothing #matixclothing #matixcphpro

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Gabe Clement
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greydoggy 1374025494
Have a blast homies!!! Safe travels! @beergut74 @clemjenn 👍✈
biancaecklund 1374026794
Have fun guys!!
onesstarr 1374031315
@beergut74 safe travels! Have fun!!
beergut74 1374058727
I have been seeing photos of Jim out here. Hope to see him @wrenchpilot @oldstar
beergut74 1374058784
Def will make that happen @erikecklund for Kristian as well. 🍻
oldstar 1374058860
Hell yeah!!! We r on our way. On the train to hamburg now. Then headed for #cphpro we gotta hookup for sure. Ill keep you posted
slaas34ford 1374110517
A long strange trip is what see in your future. Should packed Zephr too.
beergut74 1374627466
We may have but I am working w 3 brain cells these days.... Solid dudes to get you into skating. Keep on pushing @aimfornowhere @scott_summers16 🍻
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