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Paul Rodriguez

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Thanks so much @justinjayphoto for the amazing photos you took of #HOVA #JAY-Z. They're amazing!!

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Paul Rodriguez
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marcfontes1 1374094804
PAUL pleas answer what's up with u and plan b pleas porfavor Paul!!!!!!!!!!!
iamcrisbellr 1374095140
@prod84 even though you left the plan b team you're still an amazing skateboarder It doesn't matter what team you are on, you're a great role model, and congratulations on street league. Keep skating!
curtismccoy 1374096933
Please don't leave plan b
thisissonotfunny 1374109928
He's not on plan b anymore look at his sponsors online and plan b skateboards is not with the sponsors
@prod84 im sad man I found out today. I couldnt skate I couldnt eat I dont wanna move.......please dont leave plan b just think of all that greatest man. You torey and ryan can be the next PJ Duffy and Danny. Please just carry on the tradition.......for my kids please
Nah im just playing u rip no matter what board u ride lol best of luck with everything be blessed homie. You will always be planbprod to me. Even tho there's video part and prob wont be youll always be apart of the greatest that is plan B
jordancamoomoo 1374127451
Get on girl!
darrellstanton 1374198885
Those are amazing! @prod84
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