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Cj Tambornino

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Look what I found in my front yard!!! I don't even know how to work this damn thing!!! #theorignalRADboard #wtf

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Cj Tambornino
nickguyone 1373932367
I thought I was the only one who had that thing! Im not sure how you actually ride it I think you can ride it any way you want like a scooter or buttboard on it haha
danny_supa 1373932637
Hahaha. That shit looks crazy
cooperwilt 1373932955
Hahhaha I gotta try that thing!
earthquake_country 1373933611
Unidentified Skateable Object?!
taintsweat 1373933949
You gotta stand on the middle section
summer_of_no_love 1373935458
jaybyrd_88 1373940078
Da fuq!?!
dirtroadkid_19 1389412830
It's a luge thing. I ragged down a steep hill on one an got some #hamburgerbuns 😳 @cj_tambo
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