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Paul Rodriguez

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It's a celebration!!!!! #blessed #thankyoulord

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Paul Rodriguez
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tatelessinstagrem 1374021416
There is no way he got kicked off
dameonsmith98 1374026313
@tommy_thunder he said in a speech he was leaving plan b. plan b woudnt of kicked him off
elithabarber 1374031544
just wanna give u props on tha win bro, pissed tha i missed but got to see it on youtube n u killed it. keep shredin n live life
tommy_pilcher 1374044123
Oh ok @dameonsmith98 thanks
fxck.aholiab 1374086512
Why did you leave plan b @prod84 I bought your board
englander556 1374094104
@prod84 Good luck with you new adventure!
liam_alba 1374117927
Can i get a picture with you at the red carpet event thing if your there??!! Please sir it would mean a lot
mcspicybottom 1374270584
Dude we should hang some time (:
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