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Just left two pairs of @skullcandy #FIX earbuds and two tickets for @streetleague at @uso_boardshop in Portland. Find George and he'll hook you up. #SkateWithBuds #Streetleague

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hotcheetohburrito 1373761405
I wanna smash @_hoodchemist_ wigger ass face so bad..... What a uneducated piece of shit..... Where u at u Lil bitch @_hoodchemist_
bakedjerry 1373766877
Don't worry about it guys @studleydoright & @anthonykim_ .. I'm pretty sure we'll all beat him in a game of skate! @_hoodchemist_ I'll beat you in a game a skate faggot. I'm pretty sure Koston WOULD SMOKE YOU! So shut the fuck up and DIPSET!
derpinallday 1373784357
Why dont you all shut the fucking hell up koston is a pro skater wheter you bitches like it or not
derpinallday 1373784380
denzil_97 1373794279
Come to Basildon essex :-) @erickoston
will_trineer 1373817830
:( why can't they do stuff like this in Canada
kylepardue 1374555727
Right @will_trineer
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