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#MELLOWDAY quaint little Q & A in front of 500+ #NIKE #WHQ #FY13

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mrborriscanslapahoe 1373725552
yungjalapeno 1373734262
@aidents I have those same shoes. Had them for a while, got them soaked and skated them for months. Still good and somewhat fashionable.
erickoston 1373734371
I took it @wiegervw. You know I got long arms 💪
yungjalapeno 1373734387
Any other shoe lasts me about a month if They're really good. Adidas are definitely a consideration if you shred the gnar .
danny_walker25 1373740839
@afro_austin piss off mate! Adidas are SHIT!! Their shoes couldn't even hold their own on just pop shuvs, where as kostons.... Well you could tre flip for months!
yungjalapeno 1373741128
Hardflip backlips in the Campus Vulcs all day cuz. No disrespect man. Damn.... @daniel_walker22
tristan_wass_here 1373900638
Come to London and it's adidas. All day I dream about skating! But I do love janoskis! The New Paul models are so crap! Sorry Paul.
tristan_wass_here 1373900684
Kostons are ill though
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