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Paul Rodriguez

Photo from prod84

Cruising thru @nikesb headquarters... Guest appearances by @humphriesphoto and @kspr030

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Paul Rodriguez
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carsonbrahh 1376111357
dariangmoore 1376492902
thomasseals 1378093080
New orleans !!!!!
ian_richard 1378683576
Ur a beast at skating and I was wondering if u could help me get some followers. Shoutouts?
diamondlifer252 1381010175
I want to go there so bad
kidcota 1387722206
@ian_richard seriously dude? P rod doesnt have the time to start up your connections in the world for you, hes too busy maintaining the ones hes made for himself. So for you to even ask is just arrogant and ignorant. P rod made moves to get where hes at. You have to too.
kidcota 1387722658
"Hey p rod just wondering if you could talk to the guys at nike for me and try to get me hooked up on the team man? maybe use your 50000 followers, that you've earned by putting in hard work, effort and time into your craft, on ig to help me out? even though you dont know me at all and this is the first time weve spoke? oh yeah and sick skating my dude..."
criisland 1388608583
@minutestomidnight_ mira.como mola *-*
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