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Ryan Clements

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At a Honduran restaurant near the new house. We are the only gringos in sight.

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Ryan Clements
jprrrrrrrr 1325466565
that means the food is good.
jennaclements 1325467689
It was awesome
kellykagy 1325468300
@jennaclements i know that look on your face. Trying so so hard not to laugh!!!
yonniecruz 1325470101
Is that on Florida ave?
jennaclements 1325470150
@thefitz15 I love how you know me! There was a mariachi band playing and then Spanish karaoke started!
rtclem 1325470558
Yeah Yonnie...it's on FL. We were the only Crackers around.
justinsworld 1325472680
Did they have pupusas? Those things are the best!
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