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My boards used to always look like this before I got sponsored. I trip out on how far those raggedy broken pieces of wood have taken me and am so grateful for everyone that has supported me in skateboarding. #dreamsdocometrue #workwithwhatyougot #thankyouall #prettysweetustour

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rudycwb 1373626031
squeakybearings 1373628846
Give that kid a deck so he can hang that one
mattmera 1373628885
That looks like me when I was younger
rbarahona06 1373634858
@mccranker it was an honor to meet you sir! -Renato
skateb0arding 1373637600
The End!
bradtheraddad 1373643393
True dediskation!
tha_krisko_kid 1373645888
That's how a true pimp,.. Pass's it on to the next generation, .. , ...Stay Humble 2 the game,...an it will reward u ten fold,...the day u think ur better,... Is the day u lost ur freedom on 4 wheels an wood,...1 lov Big Crank,..Sick Motha-F°*K'A,..
thomas_hamm 1375843789
I have one of your boards, all black and says "McCrank it up to 11" best board I've ridden, best shape. Keep up the good work and and keep on ripping! @mccranker
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