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Tony Hawk

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Awkward doubles today with @andymac720. First to correctly explain what is happening here wins a skateboard. P.S. We made it.

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Tony Hawk
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radeshn 1374354763
___aparto 1374581920
Hip hop invert over chink chink yew
praneeth_0130 1374583539
A flip
daniamirandaa 1374638447
Pega o Tony Hawk @clovisroots.
theodor_skogen 1375218226
SKATE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
valdezz 1375907896
Hey I guessed right and you said you'd send me a board. that really gonna happen?
valdezz 1375909312
aust521 1375996046
I know you already said the trick but that's cool it looks like your doing a nose grind while @andymac720 does a mute over you.. You guys are so sick! Hopefully Ill be as good as you guys someday!
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