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luis_98___ 1373621453
@erickoston why didn't you show today in El Paso Texas?! Come on you're my favorite skater, you're the person I was going to demo for other than @mikemo and @corykennedy
manic_lefortovo 1373628923
@erickoston i look forward to see ya in Russia, man !
wingzzknarleyy 1373643711
Hey Eric Koston I've recently released my skateboarding song #SkateLove .. Check it out :) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c09CzTbmdQ
guiisb 1373675052
Your a legend pimp! Thanks for setting such a good example @erickoston
beneathfailing 1374783552
@erickoston thirteen year old me used ripped through two pairs of your es' kostons
_ferrukis 1375573839
Dude your shoes rock !!!!! Thanks for being you mr.koston
m3mo13 1376126157
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