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Rob Meronek

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I spy a three stair wall ride with a booster seat, for those who have trouble. Plus not a bad bar scene.

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Rob Meronek
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davismazur 1373585516
have you been to the Burger Bar??
ialreadyknowhowidi 1373585788
I spotted it before I read the caption lol
pojanton 1373587954
Me too @beerad43 looks like a fun spot. It would be frontside for us goofys so....a little booster seat is welcome
ialreadyknowhowidi 1373588068
Haha I'm regular so I'm going backside no problem @pojanton
cocovexy 1373588249
justin_zaragoza 1373590964
😍Perfect @meronek
jebronskybeat 1373610120
jmarkosen 1373630895
I took this same picture last time I was there
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