Photo from njskateshop

New stuff from @blood_wizard @lowcardmag and premiere of Bruns by @kevin_nj at nj New Brunswick this Saturday 7:30

neil_cam 1373571938
@lowcardmag 👍
theworsthuman 1373571991
@njskateshop is the Fucking Super Bomb Diggity !!! Every Part of Bruns Vid is Gator Boots !!! All Hail @kevin_nj !!! #fuckyourstate
roundtableapparel 1373572569
Check out our five panels!
kevin_nj 1373578467
Thanks @njskateshop @worsthumannj
limited.one 1373593480
How much is the skateboard
gofaster80 1373594918
Gator boots? Really brian? @worsthumannj
theworsthuman 1373595329
Gator Cleats ?!?!? @gofaster80
gofaster80 1373595597
Your retarded. @worsthumannj
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