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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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loveandlayers 1373998614
@sam_thenuggy what it like to be a negative little piece of shit at such a young age? Your parents must suck, or be really bummed. Either way, your a disappointment.
danewestwick 1374198358
I couldn't agree more @sam_thenuggy
3rd_eyevision 1374287865
I wanna come skate @bigbizliz
jimbone_garner 1374372739
@sam_thenuggy if you honestly think that you must have absolutely no imagination or creativity at all sorry he's not kickflipping a 10 stair like every other motherfucker or busting a tre (360)flip. Seriously think outside of the box and lizard you killed it in your part man! Keep it up! Just let the passion loose!! @bigbizliz
_versanti 1374436087
slcskate 1376326800
Where is that!?
landen_cook 1405828885
@sam_thenuggy love to see you tail bomb off something that high.
mfnuggy 1405829113
I'll tail bomb your moms asshole. lizard king sucks cock. @landen_cook
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