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Ronnie Creager

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The Nuge riding a 8.5" Baker volume 4 skateboard, Independent 139 trucks, OJ 53mm wheels, Bones swiss bearings, Bones hard bushings, Shake Junt 7/8 allen hardware and Shake Junt die cut grip tape. @nuge666

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Ronnie Creager
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tilebreaker 1373653615
I've noticed a lot of the dudes on baker/deathwish ride 139s with 8.5. Baca, Reynolds, slash, nuge, etc. They're definitely on to something ahah
bobby_saiz 1373948516
Dylan Rieder's, Arto Saari's or John Cardiel's setup please? @ronniecreager
ronniecreager 1373951271
@mr_alpha_buttons working on it.
elmthetank 1375458258
Hey @ronniecreager you still taking submissions from people for the #whatiride?
martin_26_m 1375621215
@mr_alpha_buttons Cardiel can't ride any more, not enough strength in one of his legs from the accident.
mrbrroowwnn 1377147948
@ronniecreager your legend, hope to see some footage of you soon bowse!
ronniecreager 1379736445
Up @blake_sherwood !
connorp123r 1380141796
@ronniecreager when are you going to upload more of these???
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