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Ryan DeCenzo

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Stoked to have a character in #endlessskater video game. It's a FREE app from Microsoft! Download it on your PC or tablet. @thereddragons @darkstarskate https://www.facebook.com/EndlessSkater

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Ryan DeCenzo
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majeds_ 1373505405
Fuck yea! Haha
christianskirka 1373520433
for Windows 8 only -.- why Not Windows 7, too?
kim.marx 1373532760
@skatechris84 they want to advertise and make people buy windows 8
notthemoviestar 1373550067
@therealdpeezy he said that because no one uses fucking PCs you dumbass
avemg_peezy 1373550178
@notthemoviestar ya mama uses PC
justinbeckett 1373660310
Haha, oh my, the day has come Decenzo, I remember joe and I talking about this back in the day. So wicked! Congrats!
ryandecenzo 1373665201
@justinbeckett I know!!! Soo trippy! Hahaha stoked tho
justinbeckett 1373740382
That's awesome! I'm gonna go try out your character! maybe I can learn something! Haha bluntsliiides! :)
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