Photo from tyler_hunger

A FRAME #workinprogress #gonnabefunasfuck @tryston_threet @a_grade_

tyler_hunger 1373487509
seanmcgrady5 1373487662
How much was it all together?
tyler_hunger 1373487713
I'm not sure prob like 200ish all together
collins_az 1373489154
Your lucky I wish I had an a-frame at my house!!!!!
tyler_hunger 1373489444
Haha it's at @a_grade_ s house but he lives right down the road from me so I can skate it all the time @collins_az
cjsmiith 1373763670
im going to build one with banks on each side in my backyard @tyler_hunger gunna be sic
jewbury 1374375136
I want one so bad!
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