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Lizard King

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PURE PASSION SON!!!!!!!! @ellington102 THANKS @dirtyklips FOLLOW DIRTY PEOPLE GOOD HOMIE!!!!! @dirtyklips

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Lizard King
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natalienoellee 1373482894
lovely meeting you two on the train today, enjoy Vienna! 😏
loveandlayers 1373490250
Looks like the lamest trip everrrrr. 😝 Miss you
cornerchic 1373491031
Such a great picture.😎
rileygarrettstevens 1373498162
Can you smoke in the train????
chadwickuptain 1373512647
Yeah @ellington102 !! Thought for sure that deathwish chain would be laying at the bottom of a beer puddle in some Prague gutter.
fifthredux 1373533942
@ellington102 @bigbizliz Seems like you guys were really enjoying the train ride, great to see smiles all around :) Keep up the hard work fella's :) Props from Toronto :)
ralph.feghaly 1373680392
Put the passion in the air and let it loose!! Awww awww!!
titgang 1373729038
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