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#waitwhat @hufworldwide

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stashed_albert 1373418499
@hangtownskateshop Yo! It's Albert from ASF back in the day. I should be able to put you in touch with their rep.
@_albert_hernandez I wanna say the dudes name was Jose?.. Any help we would be appreciated
stashed_albert 1373418799
@mackeytime ^
stashed_albert 1373419525
@hangtownskateshop - hit up @mackeytime
geraldactyle_ 1373420759
hewillnutter 1373440147
Damn I need five pairs
carlosskrr 1373473632
that shoes is pretty tight but $75 ? That's to much @keith_hufnagel
rickwill_pne 1381317958
$75 Ain't shit for some #hufworldwide sneaks! #Freshlysqueezedfl keeps me fitted over here in St.Pete, FL #waitwhat #PNEcertified #FlyShitOnly Shout out and salute to @keith_hufnagel
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