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JB Gillet riding his Cliché 7.9" (mouse series) skateboard, Venture 5.2 Lo trucks w/ standard Venture bushings, 51mm Gold (Kellen James model) wheels, Andale swiss bearings, Diamond 7/8 allen hardware and Mob Grip. @jbgillet1

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Ronnie Creager
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owenpardy 1373414238
@ronniecreager you should do one of these of louie Barletta's board
efematt 1373414585
Smack it up.. flip it ..rub it down ooh nooo!!
bison27 1373414885
@ronniecreager u should do my set up. Hahahaha!
I love seeing these posts. It's interesting how dudes on the west coast ride decks under 8" , low trucks and tiny wheels....I'm on the east coast riding 8.8" , indy 169's and 58mm Wheels ...I like it fast and roomy ....keep up the posts. Would be cool to see a Sheffey one. Btw...what ever happened to Ronnie Bertino? Thanks..peace.
doublekick 1373432099
@so_md_scum check muckmouth.com for a recent interview with Ronnie Bertino @cousinharold
cousinharold 1373432179
Word @doublekick @so_md_scum good times.
isaac_bartoni 1373440326
@so_md_scum sheffey one is down a little
kellenjames1 1373446621
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