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Max Schaaf

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Broski's in the wind. Some people just seem to get it. The Snodgrass brothers are out on a mission from Kentucky and back with some of their moms ashes in tow. Living for each day. Good listeners and and good story tellers. Ivan used the shop a bit and we timed and tuned his bike and did a head gasket. They have Eddie with em as well, who seems to be a real solid individual. These guys and their whole vibe just stoked me out. Safe travels guys.. @oblivioussurroundings @ivansnodgrass @shreddie keep em runnin #assgasorsnodgrass #fgt

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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justkickers 1373420296
Met those dudes at Cooks Corner and they did have a story. Good folks right there! They rode with some of our Texas buds who shared some of same plans
danieldaybowles 1373420368
Both Snodgrass bros are such a treat to be around and amazing host, have Edward Clevland on top is a real deal good time. Onward bound @shreddie @oblivioussurroundings @smoketowncompound
sunnxilla 1373447970
Man,that Cuban joint in LA before the journey north... @bronsonville @fuckinaustyle @oblivioussurroundings @shreddie Killer food but.....Preamble to a hooker puke...
bronsonville 1373479858
@sunnxilla that place was soo good!
celisse_muller 1373487500
@oblivioussurroundings Stars 'n Mars; Galaxy Chapter w/ The Good Doctor Snodgrass and the High Five Wives. 😉
ivansnodgrass 1373697909
@4q69 thank you again! The extra mind and hand always helps. You looked better riding my bike than i do fucker.
@4q69 thanks for FGTs and help. Good hangin and catchin up.
4q69 1373911274
@ivansnodgrass @oblivioussurroundings always. Anytime. Ltd
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