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Paul Rodriguez

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Paul Rodriguez
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killakee111 1377490365
What did happen to him???
thxbbz 1378645330
@connor_1997 holy shit that just made my life
joesteven101 1379972635
tayloryount 1380485297
He is dead
scopingskyler 1385077964
@killakee111 something along the lines of his brother smashed his face in with a rock and buried him on the otherside of the fence in the backyard while they're mom was at a bar getting shitty drunk...
killakee111 1385079720
What a nice brother!and mother!shitty twisted world we live in!! @scopingskyler
scopingskyler 1385090081
@killakee111 your telling me, I lived less than a mile from his house... I used to smoke weed in the field behind they're house all the time, but hey it's life...
callumhatton 1388714896
Did u murder him?
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