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Rob Meronek

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A nice Monday morning passing cash through the fence into the sketchy towing company shack to get my car back.

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Rob Meronek
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ncraffey 1373302001
Why did @spottampa delete your post on their page??
britmeronek 1373302357
@walmartboardrider 2,500. Only 95k miles, 5 speed, manual transmission, moon roof, some bumps and dings. She's a beaut.
wundermann 1373303928
sounds good @britmeronek
meronek 1373304965
@ncraffey Schaefer wasn't feeling it
meronek 1373305010
@westsideskateshop got a crazy building manager that will tow cars out of the parking garage that have expired tags. Ha, shit sucks
westsideskateshop 1373305080
Fucking people these days! @meronek
meronek 1373307853
Let me know if you want it @walmartboardrider it's like totally bitchin' bro
wundermann 1373309145
haha will do @meronek
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