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Rob Meronek

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Maybe I'll have six beers and go on air with Sal as my new job? Thanks @redbulltpa for the entertainment today at #wakeopen

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Rob Meronek
internet_fame 1373135123
Dude that job fits you that is being on tv. You got character
cornerchic 1373135269
Write a book.
shylo20 1373135631
He'll yea so stoked for you bro you will be missed at spot for sure @meronek
bink156 1373138262
Good luck with where ever your new path takes you and mostly Great Luck with the new addition @meronek!
showdonnie 1373138705
Good luck Rob!!! I was at the SPoT for the first time like two weeks ago and met everyone! @meronek
meronek 1373141679
Thanks @dime420dunk @livnloudcom @shylo20 @bink156 @showdonnie
shylo20 1373141931
No problem Robb safe journey buddy hope to see you at upcoming dam ams or Tampa ams @meronek
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