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hunterdliteful 1373064155
Yo Atiba just paged me patch me through
das_faust 1373068888
I wish you could've come to RUIN Skateshop to day for the sighing oh yeah, I almost forgot tell your son happy birthday!!! :) #prettysweettour
kylerevell12 1373105045
Yo it sucks because I really wanna become and pro and I'm trying as hard as I can but I live in Plymouth so it is really hard :(
justin_h2o 1373105186
@kylerevell12 Move.
kylerevell12 1373105611
Nah man I'm only 12 aha and dude nice pics!
zachparker3 1373175274
luisarthurfelten 1373493325
@erickoston can you like one of my pictures please?
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