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Rob Meronek
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rtclem 1373058857
Hope to see you soon @brianjone1. Thanks man.
meronek 1373059824
Thanks for the support everyone. I'll back to you all soon. I'm chillin tonight ha
griffinsmelser 1373062337
the park gonna like close now 😰 @meronek
yeajonmann 1373067099
Wow! Never thought if say this to ya but FSEC represent! Hope all is well, Rob. Best in all your endeavors. Especially with the wee one and Brittany, brother.
justin_zaragoza 1373068398
Did you get my email rob @meronek
pastor_dvorak 1373261654
SPoT deleted your post on their IG... Obviously there are some bad vibes with the new staff. My dream of one day skating SPoT is meaningless when you and Brian have been replaced.
spaceballs5000 1373388730
I got to enjoy the park and shop from all the way in the middle of Texas because of the work You put in over there.Good luck
cultship_kristy 1373589676
Wow I never thought this would happen! Good luck... your pretty much a genius so I'm sure you'll be fine. Congrats on the baby! Ill miss the nerdy skate stats the most!
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