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Tony Hawk

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I sometimes collect screen-used items used in movies. Not getting these gems but they are up for auction soon: Pee Wee's bike & The Dude's outfit. They are expected to go for 30k/each. "We want the money, Lebowski!"

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Tony Hawk
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matco_world 1375675332
I seem to recall watching Peewee win the tour on that Bike... and he did it without doping!
ryanstancato 1376242881
That bike is sick tho!
kingage86 1377009273
elizabethae7221 1378430204
Are you riding your bike to school tomorrow????? @_lainamarie7
marlainamills 1378431174
Hahahaha you're so gay, asking me this on here. But I didn't bring it home. @elizabethae7221
elizabethae7221 1378431219
I was just creepin in mr tony hawk... And saw this and it reminded me to ask you. @_lainamarie7
marlainamills 1378431243
Hahahahah, you gay wad. Text me. @elizabethae7221
elizabethae7221 1378431276
😪 @_lainamarie7
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