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This is why..... 1. My daughter's graduation of her first full year of preschool. 2. Grandma Betty's 90th Birthday party/family reunion in Iowa. 3. I could've actually made it to Raleigh, had I wanted to take a redeye flight into the day of the demo. This after being home for less than 24hrs from a late evening flight from Iowa (see above). Sorry, not willing to do that. 4. My son's Birthday party is the Saturday between those two stops. It's not possible to go from LA to ATL back to LA then to New Orleans in those scheduled times and dates. 5. I go to Portland for Streetleague and other misc obligations. * indicates stops I participated in ** indicates #FAMILYFIRST *** indicates #GFYS

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imsopredictable 1373027176
Haha! @shredzillaa__ thanks for the tag. Hysterical.
tylerhillyer 1373067295
Someone should bring some @saintarcherbrew to the New Orleans signing. @erickoston @mikemo
rayymo 1373141446
Damn this sucks bc I want to talk to you about hookin me up with a job somewhere Cali!! Fuck it just #keepskateboardingalive
derekemery 1373625047
Nice to know you have family in Iowa. @erickoston encourage Nike to build an indoor park and harvest some shoes here!
babyarmzinthrowup 1408144481
Saw u in Utah Salt Lake City bruh !!
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