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Geoff Rowley

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Probably the best grip in the world... @mobgrip #motorhead #lemmyisgod

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Geoff Rowley
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jetlife187 1375889677
@pglynch @thomasjmcgoo
dadirtyhoudini669 1375922760
@geoffrowley you are buy far one of the DOPEST skaters out there... And growing up as a young metal head skater... You were one of my inspirations to rip shit up without any fear.. AND LISTENING TO FUCKING MOTORHEAD!!! Thank you for the inspiration to tear shit up!!
texasbastard 1378999584
ponce831lui 1381379063
I printed that homeboy !!! I'm the griptape printer at NHS thank you for signing the board for my kids ! Been down with you since tony hawk skater #1 your a legend !!!!!!
rollinstona 1386541964
flying_v_fever 1397001841
Dude please tell me I can get this on a deck stat how.....
chrisyounggy 1407894524
What a griptape job @cousdparm
cousdparm 1407897037
Would love to be punching the bolts through that right now @chris_yunge 👌
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