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Everyone go check out my homie @lachovski video on the berrics he kills it!! #reppinbrasil #upandcoming

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frankyspears 1372788313
Good job @lachovski !!
gringomartins 1372789053
Whaaaaaaat, u guys skate together? tight!! @lachovski is my homie here in brazil.. mad sick!! Stay shredding homies!! @jamie_foy
jamie_foy 1372789177
Hell yea at the damn am in costa mesa. Yea I asked him about u and he said u were killin it too! @gringomartins u to nigga
curbkiller 1372789353
Fuck yeah @jamie_foy thanks for posting!
jamie_foy 1372789726
Np @curbkiller its a doopee video. Good shit!!
jessealderman 1372831722
Are you going to damn am NYC ?
jamie_foy 1372864978
jamie_foy 1372864987
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