Photo from njskateshop

Shindig boards Nike and vans #jerseydave

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justkittenbro 1372684278
Glad to see jersey Dave is still kicking it. Man I remember learning from that cat during his days at drop in. We go way back lol @njskateshop
frankzilla 1372685770
#jerseydave is the man @njskateshop
hemplant 1372687045
@njskateshop . U guys got those beavis n.butthead dunks in? Top left in photo
vinnyponte 1372688032
Thank you got the boards psyched !!!!!!!
njskateshop 1372693261
@vinnyponte glad u like
brodyman713 1372693376
Whet vans are those?
hernaandezzzz 1372734045
By any chance do u happen to carry nike sb When Pigs Fly?
njskateshop 1372734100
@hernaandezzzz sold out awhile ago sorry
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