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Andrew Allen: a cool skater or the coolest skater ever?

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bragehammer 1405332775
No doubt the coolest
sgt_steezy 1412638967
I remember sporting Dickies coveralls with a colored shirt that matchef the shoelaces back in 1992. Hahaha
shitty_kids 1420281835
My English teacher wore that at the carnival with no shirt I was emberassed
aiellohall 1428914366
I like in the background @fraserneal34
breweyes 1431455531
@k_arlaaaa life goal
k_arlaaaa 1431455584
@breweyes nice overalls
charlesmullen 1449798807
@walshy_78 that you ?
walshy_78 1449801980
@charlesmullen holy shit, lol
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