Photo from tyler_hunger

Took this picture at the damn am In LA and just never posted it... I think it's pretty tight

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tyler_hunger 1372729915
justin_zaragoza 1372730924
Alright I'm going to add you @tyler_hunger get on
tyler_hunger 1372734368
I'm on fool! Lol @justin_zaragoza
justin_zaragoza 1372734396
You add me cause its not letting me add you
justin_zaragoza 1372734412
Mine is Ugskater @tyler_hunger
tyler_hunger 1372734431
Ok I'll do it in a sec. I'm in the middle of a bf3 game
justin_zaragoza 1372734663
Add me cause its not letting me add you my gamer tag is Ugskater
tyler_hunger 1372736090
It won't let me send it ether
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