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Don Brown

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1970's Huntington Beach Skate Legend now lives in Rome. Speed Springs board and trucks with Power Paw wheels.

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Don Brown
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mauro_lips 1372624782
I rember Ed skating at Pincio in1987 with your vision promodel @don_brown
@don_brown skate freestyle with that guy in Rome in 1989 !
bink156 1372626236
One of the greatest gorilla grippers ever !
don_brown 1372690979
Thanks @spacegoth I always wonder if I'm wasting everyone's time!! Your insta rocks!!
don_brown 1372691017
I remember those photo's @bink156 !!! So rad
spacegoth 1372691096
😬Thank you! No way man I love reading your posts I get to learn more about skateboarding everyday how is that not rad
don_brown 1372691157
Ed told me he was riding my board @instan0tes I was stoked! I wish I got to skate with him @guidobendottituttoattaccato !!! If you see him say "hi" from me!!
don_brown 1383668899
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