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Max Schaaf

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1967 shovelhead finished for #bf5 @dzwicker and I went at the last 14 days to tie it up. 67 motor deraked original motor shop frame, narrowed and shortened peanut that is welded on with no tunnel fuel surrounds whole backbone, petcock in middle, @slavemade got me his bad ass new Barney's style lower for legs.... Denny's? @newchurchmoto made the seat out of an oldie I had. NASA aerospace and I designed the right mid peg and brake setup, paint happened in compete delirium, stainless pipes.... Blah blah... Thing runs! #bodybymax #abc #lessismore #purgatory #raiseyourtranny #oAkland #choppershit @rcubra thank you

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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stieberbikes 1379048969
babyblue313 1379762939
Clean machine... Nice work
pineboxrecording 1384314955
This is my favorite shovel ever. @coryalexander
dirtydaves 1392184025
inskeeeper 1401469666
xballew73x 1425180134
maxxmalone 1426571329
shovelhead_jed 1430072915
Rear fender!!
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