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Chris Troy

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#idratherbeskating #cookaburgerimsweatin

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Chris Troy
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timcisilino 1372389124
Where is this?
seanconover 1372389232
In his kitchen at home, @timcisilino. He just thoroughly enjoys grilling, so he invested a lot into it.
seanconover 1372389264
Jus keeeeding @timcisilino. Knockout burger in Carlsbad
drillbittroy 1372389442
Agreed feels good to skate after hard work @kitunes
kitunes 1372389715
@eric_ramirezzz having a job is just life. Chris is an amazing skater. But like anyone else, he's got dreams...and dreams don't always keep the lights on.
idahome1 1372389845
jordanhoffart 1372390598
ramonperales_ 1372393647
@kitunes well fucking put!!! I work a lot an once I get to ride my board I just feel free, not a care in the world. Good to know some people don't give up the love once they start working. I've lost alot of skater homies due to jobs. @drillbittroy keep it up man!! Hard work pays off. Positive energy, positive outcome
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