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Ryan Clements

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I'm in the TV truck and I'll be telling the producers what Vert tricks to slow-mo. If the replays suck from X Games Munich, it's my fault!

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Ryan Clements
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tonyhawk 1372353913
360 varials ALL DAY
rtclem 1372354093
You got it @tonyhawk! That and 540's.
rtclem 1372354114
Can you get me a cup of coffee @anthonyfurlong?
danmacfarlane 1372354180
Awesome job!
anthonyshetler 1372354818
kevinwstrick 1372356697
Theyre in good hands.
meronek 1372360157
It's vert's fault
anthonyfurlong 1372365463
@tonyhawk 360 v are a guilty pleasure of mine. @rtclem I should throw coffee on you for that , ha. @meronek go out to the ugly blue vert pike and drop in on the extendo for me, now!
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