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Ryan Clements

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Best view in the house. This Park course is a work of art. Munich is sick. #buildskateboarding

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1372352347
Hey @theskatemom...@porpe and I will be in LA for sure. See you there!
onesstarr 1372352679
@rtclem cool! Kinda sad that it's easier to catch up with you guys across the country than in Tampa, but we're looking forward to seeing you both where ever it may be...
rtclem 1372354219
You can bring @planb_brandon to skate at my house anytime @theskatemom. Email me: ryan@excelforward.com.
onesstarr 1372355743
@rtclem thank you! We will definitely take you up on that offer! Enjoy the rest of your time in Germany & we'll see you soon!
brandon.starr 1372356526
Wow thanks!!!!!
austingoodwin 1372356994
Looks fun as hell
levy1090 1372362914
jennaclements 1372377656
We miss you too @rtclem ❤❤
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