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I love you so much grandma, we've had so many wonderful memories together. You've been so loving and caring towards me my whole life and I wish I couldov thanked you for that and said I love you at least one last time. I miss you so much already. You're in such a better place now and I am happy you left this earth in a peaceful way. You're one of my favorite people and I'll love you forever and ever. Rest In Peace grandma you were a legend❤🙏

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dabiersnell 1372313823
Sorry for your loss man!! @ethanloy 🙏🙏
nathandoug1as 1372322895
chickenbonecalderon 1372327683
Rip Grandma. 🙏🙏🙏
You aren't serious!! It's you grandma, just love it, now is inside your heart, i don't give a fuck but sorry for your loss!!! It's you new experience... keep grow up!! ;)
ethanloy 1372356485
@keoma_nogueiras_morera what are you talking about?
mannnyg 1372387689
Yeah dude you make no fucking sense at all. Pay a little more respect. He just lost his grandma @keoma_nogueiras_morera
oud_ksa 1374811535
Omg his grandma is lost
emmabutterbeer 1386471073
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