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Kids don't want stuffed animals, they want stuffed laptops, right? Brittany and I are having a lil jitt arriving in December! Hopefully the stuffed laptop is not obsolete by then. Baby Meronek in the Jitt Squad! Who makes stuffed skateboards?

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Rob Meronek
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crissspyyy 1372288495
Hell yeah Rob! Congrats
deagal 1372291578
Congrats @meronek good luck to your new one man
bfd_bob 1372295580
Wow this awesome bud!! Very happy for you guys!
meronek 1372296510
Thanks ya'll, I'm all kinds of stoked
_alexandranieto 1372300701
Tiny baby Meronek!!!
cornerchic 1372302361
Woohoo! Congratulations, Rob and Brittany!!
wanderingypsygirl 1372304695
Yeahhhhh @meronek! I am soooooooo excited for you two! It is the best thing ever!!!
yeajonmann 1372310207
Congrats papa rob!!! Hit up the professor about the stuffed skateboard. I'm sure Paul will have you covered. #jitthype!
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