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Max Schaaf

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11:31 pm. Moochi from Vallejo stripes my bike for bf5. 65 yrs old, his lines are human, and he is not a perfect pinstripe machine. He's seen it all.. He's plain and simple just Moochi. It's really inspiring. I've had some hard times with paint the last few days due to rain and colder weather.... Right now I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks to @dzwicker for the photo and all the help! #oakland #crabclaw #shovelhead

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Max Schaaf
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brother_buzzard 1372277014
V Town
4q69 1372282898
Thanks all! @two_pan_dan 💪
kevinteachbaas 1372344502
@4q69 That makes it all worth it right there
johnny_watkins 1372354304
I'm not gonna make it out there this year, but I can't wait to see this bike ! @4q69
tukipaintsit 1372650211
Such a rad pic
mikeyratt69 1377887682
Did you hang that panting up ? I'm looking at this pic and all the rad shit on your walls . It's like vintage tweaker art gallery . I'm stoked to ad to your collection
4q69 1377920313
Haha... Not yet.. I'm still licking their soft fuzzy faces.
mikeyratt69 1377977714
Dude your as creepy as that painting lol 👍
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