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Photo from erickoston a

YOU SHOULD TOO!!! VOTE FOR GUY #XGAMESREALSTREET (go to my profile and click the link) #DOITNOW!!! #GUYSOURGUY

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hanneswiberg 1372117670
think of how many American skaters who's gonna skate in real street?! i think that Albert has to represent Sweden! Albert Nyberg FTW! maddafakkas!
wrongboarding 1372120700
It's not about who has more years left or who's done more in skating, it's about this one video part you're supposed to vote off of
kylesteneide 1372133027
@creaturesteez It was a laser flip
wrath_of_roth 1372167194
Lol, Guy can't win on his own. Hey guys vote for my friend.
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