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Rob Meronek

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If you're thinking of dropping in, today's your day. You got it like @longlivethedirtysouth here dropping on on the vert ramp extension. #skateboardinggirl

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Rob Meronek
hisingenblues 1371843110
leptha 1371903326
@longlivethedirtysouth killed it skating yesterday then showed up looking like a lady for nightlife. One of my new favorites
edwin_scissorhand 1371908722
@meronek hey rob yu knw anybody that might can use an extra sz 7.5 in the spot sbs
meronek 1371909500
@kickz3 oh shit actually there is a 7.5 defect pair at the park. It's a super tiny defect where the left shoe is slightly like bowed in a little at the ankle, not too bad tho. You can have them. Email me rob at skateparkoftampa.com and ill get them to you on Monday
edwin_scissorhand 1371909914
@meronek lol no no I have a pair I picked up that I really don't I meant I I'm a sz 8
edwin_scissorhand 1371909923
I just want retail
edwin_scissorhand 1371910261
@meronek I really don't have use for it all I want is retail
thedeepfreeze 1372047193
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