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Sam Smyth

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But trip on the lyrics though. @corykennedy #prettysweetustour

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Sam Smyth
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rxkevins 1371791681
brysonpham 1371826540
alfreddlt 1371840111
How'd you guys get Adam Sandler in the van? @samsklub
larrybirdjersey 1371911012
@samsklub is there going to be a demo in Chicago or just a signing?
samsklub 1371915558
Just a signing @kdhunton
larrybirdjersey 1371915871
Bummer brah
larrybirdjersey 1371918344
@samsklub Sorry to be blowing up your shit while you're on a trip, but I planned on driving up from Indianapolis on Tuesday, but thought it was a demo. I've got a wooden OG doll I was hoping to get some of the guys to sign. Is that going to be legit? Otherwise I'm too old to be making the drive to fanboy out for a signed poster. Thanks dude.
samsklub 1371918485
Come get your wooden OG signed. Sounds cool to me. @kdhunton
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