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Paul Rodriguez

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I post sw back tails a lot but there just so fun!! Photo by @danabadi @nikesb #prod7 #sixthandmill

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Paul Rodriguez
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texacali_studios 1371614465
First time I saw you skate was in logic#4 or logic 5 on VHS lol kick flip back 5-0 on ledge followed by tre flip with city stars so dope and still wrecking it
david_carr1502 1371729100
sickassdee_ 1371774843
trill.dxrren 1371859218
Yur awesome @prod84
apnskater 1371874795
Chingon haha
kevin_king__ 1371945104
Hey man, I know you get a lot of kids talking to you on instagram and stuff, but it would be cool if you checked out some of my instagram photos, I'm on a skating trip with 5 friends in Europe for 3 months, funded entirely independently. Fueled by the love of skateboarding. Thank you.
alexmuhech 1372180251
@tatanysita1 @oripaezm this is so tight men
michael_fuller_33 1372878537
Hey I just went to that park yesterday it's sixth and mill...I went there with my camp I thought you were gonna be there to sign my board but I saw your new shoe there so sick I'm gonna get a pair..........
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